CHOSEEX RESEARCHERSFabrizio Giordano (09-2012)

Fabrizio Giordano (09-2012)

Fabrizio Giordano

Postdoctoral Fellow

Center for Hybrid and Organic Solar Energy

Department of Electronic Engineering
University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Via del Politecnico 1
00133 Rome ITALY

Phone: +39.06.9603.8034
Mobile: +39.3926712467

Email: fabrizio.giordano -AT-




In February 2008 he obtained the laurea degree in Electronic Engineering cum laude at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". His PhD on "Design and development of series interconnected dye solar cell modules" (XXIV Class 2008-2011) was carried out at CHOSE under the supervision of Professor Thomas M. Brown. In 2011 he was visiting PhD student at Imperial College London, working on characterization techniques for DSC modules and electro-kinetic phenomenon, under the supervision of Professor Brian O' Regan. Since 2012 he is Postdoc in Professor Aldo Di Carlo' s Group.

Research interests:

  • Module and panel design for series and parallel configurations
  • Vertical interconnections
  • Large Area Processes
  • Development tests of Materials for DSC
  • Module and device assembly
  • sealing investigation
  • Impedance spectroscopy characterization



"You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one" J.L.

Research Activity

DSC Development

Test and Development of materials for DSC. Investigation of new architectures for single cells or modules

dsc    external.png


Large area devices

This research activity focuses on the scaling up of hybrid-organic technologies, including:

  • Optimization of industrial manufacturing processes
  • Assembly of devices
  • Reliability and stability analisys of the produced devices


Streaming Potential

Through an electro-kinetic phenomenon called "streaming potential", the surface charge at the interface of semiconductor/electrolyte interfaces is measured together with the Zeta Potential.




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[P2] F. Giordano, E. Sebastiani, T. M. Brown, A. Reale "Vertical interconnections for photo electrochemical cells" - Patent Pending

[P3] F. Giordano "Electrochemical interconnections for photo electrochemical cells" - Patent Pending

[P4] R. Tagliaferro, A. Di Carlo, F. Giordano "Photovoltaic Modules for photo electrochemical cells" - Patent Pending

[P5] G. Mincuzzi, T. M. Brown, F. Giordano "Process of manufacturing of the catalytic layer of the counter-electrodes of dye-sensitized solar cells" - Patent Pending



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